My River of Life Series 1:

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From the month that I was born in 1999, my life was flowing since both my parents were working especially my father who worked for a big sales and marketing company. We lived in Chitungwiza at the time. We later moved to Norton when I started attending pre-school since we had built a new house […]

Ndaiziva fundraising dinner

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Thank you to all the friends of NdaiZiva Trust who joined us in our dinner and jazz events. We are humbled that you came out in your numbers to not only cheer us on but to participate in our inaugural event. Our Norton-based mentors enlightened us on the challenges that our orphans and vulnerable children […]

They took our mum…..

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They took our mum and left. They left us because our father didn’t finish paying her roora. They took our mum and left. They buried her they told us, Even though we wept, Even though we had cared for her, They just came. They took her. And left. Three children, no one to care for […]

My stepfather… My lover

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In abusive relationships between adults and children. There is some psychological trauma that happens where the child may start to believe that the abuse they are suffering is actually affection. The internal conflict that grows within a child may lead to confusion, and  a child not reporting or escaping the abusive situation. The situation below […]

I sleep in church

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Do you know what I love most about church? It’s unadulterated silence. I never understand why Rudo always says these church benches are uncomfortable, but they are so comfortable so innocent, so spacious. Sometimes I don’t even bother with the benches I sleep on the floor, there I can stretch my legs straight and without […]


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What does it mean to be a champion? It means that I have been empowered. What does it mean to be empowered? It means I can answer for myself? I can ask questions if I want. I can answer my friends questions. Not all their questions. Just questions about Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights. Yes, […]