I AM A Champion

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What does it mean to be a champion? It means that I have been empowered.

What does it mean to be empowered? It means I can answer for myself?

I can ask questions if I want. I can answer my friends questions.

Not all their questions. Just questions about Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights.

Yes, they can ask me. I don’t have to listen to Richard bragging about all that stuff on TV.

I know for myself. I know that if they want me to do something. I can say ‘NO!’

I know if I want to get tested, I can get tested  and know my status.

Because I am empowered. I am a Champion.

A YPISA champion.

*YPISA – Young People’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Services Advocacy A SafAIDS initiative that NdaiZIva uses in some of its training workshops.