My River of Life Series 1:

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From the month that I was born in 1999, my life was flowing since both my parents were working especially my father who worked for a big sales and marketing company. We lived in Chitungwiza at the time.
We later moved to Norton when I started attending pre-school since we had built a new house there.
Life started getting very difficult for me once my father’s work was not doing so well. My mother as a teacher had transferred from Seke High in Chitungwiza but her papers were not yet fished being processed. We sold our house and started to rent. My father became so abusive to all of us since he thought providing for the whole family was too difficult.
When I was in grade 6 my mother started again teaching at St. Eric High School. Everything was now flowing. My dad started supplying chemicals to most of the schools in Norton, receiving $1000 of dollars.
Form 2, I discovered that my father had another wife and she used to work for us at home and she had two kids of their own with her husband. She left her husband for my father. My father wanted to divorce my mother and he started to beat us.
At form 3, I started dating. It wasn’t long relationships (2 weeks or a month).
Form 4 I passed. But one thing I know is that my father loves us as long as he do great but never changes.
I had a best friend who is a boy in our same class. My best friend wanted to date. The truth is just I don’t want to disappoint him that’s why I said yes. But we never did anything that shows we are in love because we are meant to be friends.
I have a friend I call my sister. She helps me and I know what I have to do.
I want to be successful in my life. Run my own business. I will be an economist or a banking and finance manager.