What We Offer: The NZCD Trust draws on the technical expertise and experience of qualified professional’s as well traditional leadership in addressing education, health, social, community and vocational skills development. The NZCD Trust provides opportunities to boys and girls, youth and families to build on their inner strength for developing a purposeful life and restore self-reliance and dignity to society.

The NZCD trust’s rich basket of expertise includes:

  • Providing formal and non-formal education for boys and girls
  • Contributing to the development of training programs, curricula, standards and policies
  • Strengthening a reading culture and an inquiring mind
  • Building local capacity developing primary health care services
  • Providing skill sharing and life meaning opportunities to boys, girls, youths and families
  • Enhancing leadership skills for youths
  • Developing role models


Our vision is to see each child have a meaningful life and the opportunity to develop their full potential through education with a healthy mind and body.


  • Our values are based on the premise that every child deserves a life chance
  • Support the universal initiatives and standards set in the best interest of the child
  • Reinforce the collaborative efforts of public and private service delivery in building and sustaining an environment that is conducive for the development of education and health life skills for civil society
  • Provide a chance for the disadvantaged rural and urban boys, girls, youths and families to access education and health services information and care
  • Support civil society becoming valued participants, partnering with the health systems as informal providers of services and advocating for high quality information and care in a timely manner

How We Work

The NZCB Trust collaborates with local and national leaders from the public and private sectors to:

  • Initiate/integrate girls and boys into early childhood development and care programs, formal and non-formal education
  • Build partnerships with and capacities of families and communities as stakeholders in the wholesome development of the girl, boys and youths
  • Develop and execute practical and innovative programs for life skills development
  • Build capacity of local stakeholders and partners. Guiding Principles
  • Commitment to holistic child development
  • Promoting reading and an inquiring mind
  • Systems approaches to explore potential and human capacity for boys, girls, youths and families
  • Capacity building to transfer skills to local talent
  • Knowledge sharing to inform planning and decision making for a better future
  • Promoting gender sensitive programming for effectiveness needs assessment and designing relevant interventions
  • Organizational Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, Network Development, Knowledge management
  • Strengthened systems for education and health workforce performance for families and community improvement