I sleep in church

 Do you know what I love most about church? It’s unadulterated silence. I never understand why Rudo always says these church benches are uncomfortable, but they are so comfortable so innocent, so spacious. Sometimes I don’t even bother with the benches I sleep on the floor, there I can stretch my legs straight and without fear. The church is safe, because I know if anyone tries to do business with me here, Jesus will deal with them, like He did those vendors in the church.  I like church, because I know my auntie will never look for me here. I wish I could bring my sisters to church, but she convinced them, that they could work in the evening with her and make money for us to survive. My sister used to cry but now she doesn’t anymore, she knows the procedure. My other sister, can’t even look at me anymore. When auntie tried to convince me I ran, and I ran to church. I sat in the darkest corner where she wouldn’t see me. And there I prayed and prayed until I fell asleep.


Inspired by a story about a girl who has to sleep in church to avoid her aunt’s prostitution business.