Sexual and Reproductive Health & Gender-Based Violence Life Skills and Children Rights for Youths Program – August 2014

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To equip the trainer of trainers (ToT) Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR) information and advocating skills
  • To equip the ToT with skills to orient YPISA champions on the community referral system (CRS)
  • Orient YPISA champions on how to conduct radio listening sessions.
  • To own the KKA (rights in your pocket) booklet, know your constitution, know your rights and be able to demand the services and be able to assist others.
  • To be able to develop the capacity of ToT’s ability to monitor and evaluate the programmes.

Which Reproductive Rights do we focus on?

The reproductive rights mentioned by the children include

  • The right to say NO to sex before marriage
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality when receiving care or services
  • The right to choose whether to get married or not
  • The right to information on sexual and reproductive health


The following SRH rights were also added to the discussion:

  • The right to have control over fertility
  • The right to continuity of services
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect when receiving health care
  • The right to express views on the services provided and to complain about unsatisfactory health services.
  • The right to gender equality.
  • The right to make free, informed choices in matters relating to sexual experience and sexual pleasure