Sexual and Reproductive Health Life Skills for Youths Program – One Day Workshop April 2014

Objectives of the workshop:

By the end of the workshop the girls and boys (12yrs to 18yrs ages) would have acquired knowledge and skills in Sexual and Reproductive Health with a special focus on:

  • What sexual and reproductive health is;
  • Introduction to sexual reproductive health rights;
  • Establishing moral values;
  • Youth relationships with family, peers and others;
  • Building self-esteem.
  • Life skills and negotiating


The youth were excited and enjoyed the program and admitted that they had acquired a lot of information on sexual reproductive health, life-skills and interpersonal relations. The boys and girls were given hand-outs that they will continue to refer to as they reflect on what they learnt. They also took away personal goals and values and were encouraged to build on these and realise their dreams.