Building communities through adolescents and young people

NdaiZiva Capacity Development

Who We Are

The NdaiZiva Capacity Development emerged as a response to the lack of adequate social structures with the capacity to sustain family values of basic and primary education, health and social integration and care for girls and boys from disadvantaged communities.

The gap became glaring with the advent of HIV and AIDS that not only reversed roles in the society resulting children heading households, grandparents becoming primary carers for their adult sons and daughters who fell ill and remaining family members becoming displaced and further compromised as they try to survive. This undermines the importance of protecting and nurturing the young girls and boys to be children who go through a balanced life development process that provides the opportunity to enjoy basic entitlements as human beings.

NdaiZiva is inspired by the work done by the late Ms Ellen Chirenda who herself was a government community development worker for 40 years raising her own seven children to become professionals but imparted life skills to other families in the community to develop themselves and raise their young into productive adults.

What we do

Ndaiziva initiates reading clubs within communities.

Through life skills camps and ongoing workshops provided by skilled facilitator.

Ndaiziva develops capacities on HIV awareness, prevention and retention on treatment. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights are a priority programming area for NdaiZiva. Young people are trained to be champions in their communities on SRHR and HIV issues to educate and support others.

Ndaiziva creates platforms for gender norms transformation, positive masculinities and GBV prevention training for families, young people and communities.

Through the development of safe spaces NdaiZiva provides counseling and psychosocial support for its communities.

Establish a strong, coordinated community response through intergenerational dialogues and galas.

NdaiZiva provides training and support for adolescents and their communities.

With our partners NdaiZiva facilitates access to basic education through the payment of school fees, provision of uniforms, stationery and books.

NdaiZiva provides sanitary wear and education on menstrual hygiene to build their confidence and promote full participation in day to day activities.


NdaiZiva Educational Assistance Programme

NdaiZiva Educational Assistance Programme is targeted at Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Norton and surrounding communities. It is aimed at ensuring access to education for the less privileged children who cannot afford, to pay for their education.

NdaiZiva Project Wings

One of NdaiZiva’s Programs is Project Wings which promotes the provision of sanitary wear to young women and Girls. We teamed up with Touching Lives who donated some pads for Chitenderano High School in Norton.