Who We Are?

Our Mission

NdaiZiva Capacity Development (NZCD) aims to respond to the lack of adequate social structures through access to quality primary and secondary education; Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and Rights; prevention of gender based violence (GBV) and drug abuse; provision of psychosocial support; developing life skills and livelihoods capacity for boys, girls, youths and families in Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see each child have a meaningful life and the opportunity to develop their full potential with a healthy mind and body.

Our Values

We encourage use of life-skills, self-awareness, good health practices

Developing creative engagement platforms

We create safe, supportive and reliable spaces

We design long-term and lasting solutions

Health awareness and education
We provide health awareness and quality education

What we do

Sustain a reading culture at grassroots. Ndaiziva initiates reading clubs within communities.

Support life skills development for adolescents and young people. Through life skills camps and ongoing workshops provided by skilled facilitators.

Equip communities with knowledge and skills in health. Ndaiziva develops capacities on HIV awareness, prevention and retention on treatment.  Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights are a priority programming area for NdaiZiva. Young people are trained to be champions in their communities on SRHR and HIV issues to educate and support others. 

Prevention of Gender Based Violence. Ndaiziva creates platforms for gender norms transformation, positive masculinities and GBV prevention training for families, young people and communities.

Provide Counseling and Psychosocial support. Through the development of safe spaces NdaiZiva provides counseling and psychosocial support for its communities.

Establishing Coordinated Community Responses Establish a strong, coordinated community response through intergenerational dialogues and galas.

Livelihood and lifeskills development. NdaiZiva provides  training and support for adolescents and their communities. 

Access to education. With our partners NdaiZiva facilitates access to basic education through the payment of school fees, provision of uniforms, stationery and books.

Provision of Sanitary Wear NdaiZiva provides sanitary wear and education on menstrual hygiene to build their confidence and promote full participation in day to day activities.